Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chinese New Year -Year of the Rabbit 2011

I wonder what all the hype about this year's Chinese New Year is all about and why this year seems to be soo different and 'mediarised'???

Well it doesn't matter so much what all the fuss is about as I have celebrated it in my own way anyway. Late last year I was asked by a fellow artist to participate in an exhibition to celebrate the Chinese New Year sponsored by the Cairns and District Chinese Association (CADCAI) and shown in the Cairns Regional Gallery. See snippit of exhibition here in this UTube clip UTube: Birds of a Feather Exhibition

The theme of the exhibition was to be inspired by the Hong Kong Bird and Flower markets. My research through google images very much inspired me and as a result would consider travelling to China in the future. So I guess you can conclude that this celebration is about cultural awareness and tourism and an in direct way.

My artwork I produced for this exhibition is a painting, acrylic on canvas, 40x90cm. I choose to paint, and is the title of the artwork "Oriental Lanterns" as these objects are iconic of Asian Celebration, and and keeping with the theme of the exhibition, typically have patterns or flower designs. I did not want to do every lantern in the common red colour (though is symbolic of this culture) because I wanted to differentiate between the lanterns with slightly changing the colour and bouncing and reflecting colour and light. What is different about this painting is I started with a black gessoed canvas. It was liberating and ususual to do this. I used a palette knife to create the textures of the flowers on the lanterns as I wanted to create a 3D look.

 This image remains copyright of (c.) Chrissy Dwyer 2011.
Brief History on the Chinese New Year
The Chinese New Year -Spring Festival or Lunar New Year are other known names- is one of the most important holidays for the Chinese culture. It is a festival which runs for 15days (ends with the 'Lantern Festival' -how appropriate for my painting).The symbolic colour of red is represents fire and is belived to drive away bad luck.

In a very simplified interpretation: The celebration is thought to originate around 2000BC with the legend of the Nien (meaning Year) was a beast who ate the villagers on the New Year's Eve, so to keep the Nien away, fire, decorations and loud noises resulted in the celebration.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to package a painting for delivery

See link on how to package paintings for delivery

Use your own disgression on your own artwork, this approach is just my way, and depending on what medium, canvas/support, size etc you use it may vary, use this approach as a guide and adapt to suit you. I hope this helps you. Please leave a comment if it has or the way you package your artwork to send for delivery.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

How much TIME does an exhibition take?

Just as you may wonder about how much does an exhibition cost so too may you wonder how much time you need to allocate to producing your exhibition, from brainstorming and researching to the launch night. 

From my experience with my first solo exhibition, I tried to keep tabs on the time I spent on different tasks to get an idea. (Also I was curious to see how long it really took me to do a painting).

Here is a table of tasks and timeframes in an  exbition time sheet example: